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We are always busy – developing new products, presenting innovative ideas, promoting technical advances through media activities and at trade fairs. To find out more, follow one of the links below or go to for Axalta news.


Axalta Unveils New Global Product Names

Axalta is introducing brand names for the principal coating layers supplied to its customers that manufacture light vehicles and automotive plastic parts. The addition of names will make it easier for customers to understand Axalta’s product offerings in this key segment of the coatings industry as well as to differentiate better the company’s technologies in the marketplace.

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Axalta Unveils Modern and Tech-savvy StarLite as its Automotive Color of the Year 2018

Axalta today announced the release of StarLite, its 2018 Automotive Color of the Year. StarLite is a modern, technology-savvy, premium colour for vehicles of today and tomorrow. Borne from Axalta’s ChromaDyne™ line of colour coats developed for automotive OEMs, StarLite is a light and reflective hue that uses Axalta’s tri-coat process which is formulated with synthetic pearl flakes to create an eye catching pearlescent effect.

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Axalta’s 65th Annual Global Automotive 2017 Color Popularity Report Reveals White as Number One Color Choice Worldwide

Axalta today released the findings of its 65th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, which shows white as the worldwide leader in consumer vehicle colour choice in 2017, followed by black in second place at 16 percent, and grey and silver tied in third place for the second consecutive year at 11 percent.

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Axalta Offers Car Manufacturers Insights into Electrocoat Developments during SURCAR event in Cannes, France

Dr. Herman Yee, the Global Manager of Technology for Electrocoat at Axalta Coating Systems, gave representatives from car manufacturers insight into new electrocoat technology innovations at the 29th International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing (SURCAR).

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Axalta to address rising coatings performance standards in ACE market at European Coatings Technology Forum

Axalta will attend the European Coatings Technology Forum Coatings for Agriculture and Construction Equipment (ACE), taking place in Berlin, Germany, on 24 November 2016 at 11.45am. Dr Carlos Rodriguez Santamarta will discuss trends and technological advances in coatings for the ACE market.

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