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Online. In-shop. At our tech centers.

Whichever Cromax system you choose, when you choose to have your refinishers professionally trained, you’re investing in better productivity for your painters and better profitability for your shop.

Our technical training solutions are designed to boost the skills and knowledge of your technicians. The potential result? More confidence and better performance from your staff, more throughput and fewer mistakes and waste in the shop, and better quality in shorter time for your customers.

Training center programs
Our training center programs use hands-on, process-oriented techniques designed to help you process vehicles faster and keep your customers satisfied. This enables most questions to be handled as they come up, in real time.  

Through our interactive e-learning modules, our instructors, designers, and staff are committed to enhancing your ability to be a competitive industry leader through the continuing education and development of your people. In-shop and online training enables your painters to learn right where they work, using their own systems and equipment.