Coathylene® ultra-fine precipitated or milled thermoplastic powders are based on medium to high molecular weight polyolefin resins with average particle sizes as low as 10 microns. The Coathylene product range also includes coarser milled powders specifically developed for specialty applications.


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Coathylene powder additives for paints and varnishes

New brochure for Coathylene Powder Additives for Paint and Varnishes

After a successful launch at the European Coating Show few weeks ago, we are pleased to present our brand new brochure for Coathylene® Powder Additives for Paint and Varnishes. These additives can be used as:

- Matting
- Texturing
- Anti-slip agent

Road marking, interior and exterior structured paints, vehicle body parts, wood and metal furniture coatings, marine coatings and heavy duty industrial flooring are typical applications for Coathylene powder additives.

Textures and effects need to be seen and touched. Therefore we developed a collection brochure including 20 samples of all available grades. To receive a free copy of this brochure please contact us directly.

For a download, without samples, we have also developed a Product Information Bulletin with all technical features and benefits included in the brochure.

Download Product Information Bulletin: Coathylene Powder Additives for Paint and Varnishes

Product Information

For more information, refer to our product guides on Coathylene fine powders and Coathylene milled powders: