What Are Exfoliating Micropowders?

Axalta’s exfoliating micropowders are pure biopolymers with an average particle size of either 315 µm and 630 µm. They are used for personal care products in rinse-off formulations.

Over the last years, Axalta’s Research & Development focused on sustainable solutions with a reduced environmental footprint, the result was natural exfoliating scrubs: The Gotalene® RS Series.

What Does Our Powder Look Like?

The specifically engineered shape of our particles allows smooth and efficient exfoliation.

How Does Exfoliation Work?

Mechanical exfoliation has a threefold effect on the epidermis:

1.       It removes horny layer cells.

2.       It stimulates the basal cells of the epidermis.

3.       It improves the turnover of the cells.

It also helps to obtain a cleaner and clearer complexion.

What Are Bio-Based Micropowders and Their Exfoliation Efficiency?

Is Exfoliating Powder Available in Different Colors?

In order to enhance the formulator’s creativity, Axalta developed several colors. Two different blue shades are already available; others are available upon request.

What Effects Can You Achieve with Exfoliating Powder?

Axalta's Exfoliating Micropowders Offering

Gotalene RS is 100% bio-based, providing an ideal starting point to create innovative and sustainable exfoliating products for the face and body. Gotalene RS411 is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved.