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Powder Coatings

Alesta® AP - P

Powder on Powder - Wood effects with two layers

Alesta AP - P, an innovative powder coating especially developed to create wood effects on metallic substrates following a process of application of two layers powder, on powder.

It is now possible to create natural surface effects with a powder coating. The “powder on powder” process allows you to obtain a wood effect by applying two consecutive layers of powder coating in different colours.


  • Easy application
  • Good flow and reactivity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent weathering resistance


  • A two-layer powder coating system
  • Architectural grade powder coatings
  • Market trends are glossy basecoat and matt topcoat, but any combination is possible
  • Transfer of wood effects in 2 colours via the natural process
  • Qualicoat approval on aluminum
  • Build-in surface structure
  • Any metal substrate can be used
  • No toxic labelling
  • Can be applied like any other powder coating


  • Alesta AP - P can be applied on all types of metal substrates like aluminum and steel
  • It is principally designed for flat surfaces, such as doors and window frames, building façades, furniture and high-end industrial applications