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Powder Coatings

Alesta® SoftTouch

A clearcoat powder coating with the softest touch.

Designers and creators are constantly looking for the unique characteristic to distinguish their concept or project. To lend them a hand in this quest for originality, Axalta has developed the SoftTouch clearcoat.

Alesta® SoftTouch can provide any pretreated metal with a velvety feeling you wouldn’t expect just upon sight or could be applied over any colour for the softest finish. Furthermore we can develop any solid colour in a one layer system with SoftTouch finish upon demand. Your creative possibilities are endless.

Targeted applications

design, furniture, lighting, shop fittings, bicycles, electronics like smartphones, laptops, … Imagine the feeling and let imagination run wild. Alesta® SoftTouch clearcoat is available from stock and can be ordered by our product code ST00000900020.


• Velveteen finish
• Easy to clean properties
• Fingerprint resistant
• Polyurethane quality
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Consistent appearance
• Environmentally friendly