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Powder Coatings

Alesta® AP

Architectural Polyester products

Axalta Coating Systems offers a complete range of architectural polyester products under the Alesta AP brand. These products have been formulated especially for aluminum, steel and galvanised steel applications. They have excellent mechanical and weathering resistance properties and are therefore suitable for outdoor use.

The range includes a variety of finishes and effects - all of which give a unique appearance while covering any surface imperfections. The range of Axalta Coating Systems architectural grade polyesters is manufactured and individually tested in accordance with ISO 9000 quality systems to ensure excellent performance and colour consistency.

Alesta AP products are Qualicoat and GSB approved.


  • Can be applied on aluminum, steel, and galvanised steel substrates for architectural use
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Presented in a large number of colour Ral – The Classic Collection, The Mineral Collection – The Best of Collection – The Anodic collection – The Fine Textured Collection – The Crazy Colours Collection


  • Qualicoat and GSB approved
  • Available from stock in a very wide number of colours and effects
  • Excellent flow
  • Can be cured at 180°C
  • Wide variety of substrates in aluminum and steel
  • Covering of potential surface defects
  • Uniform colour match, batch after batch
  • Excellent durability and colour stability
  • Easy application
  • No surface hardening, less sensitive to stress cracking
  • Low environmental impact


Outdoor architectural substrates:

  • Aluminum profiles and sheets
  • Steel or galvanized steel for cladding
  • Verandas, doors, window frames, furniture for outdoors
  • Can also be used for the protection and decoration of indoor

Alesta AP colours now available as BIM files

Axalta provides all Alesta AP colours as BIM files. These files can be downloaded for free from the Bimetica BIM library.