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Powder Coatings

Core Technologies

Axalta Powder Coatings for all needs

Axalta Coating Systems offers a complete range of powder coatings for a wide variety of uses - interior and exterior - under the Alesta and Teodur brand.

Our core technologies include

  • Alesta® AP Alesta AP

    Architectural powder coatings especially for aluminum, steel and galvanised applications.

  • Alesta® SD Alesta SuperDurable

    Super Durable for extreme environments.

  • Alesta® IP Alesta IP

    Good weather resistance, very good flexibility and mechanical properties for good outdoor durability.

  • Alesta® EP Alesta EP

    Specifically formulated for industrial applications, primarily decorative or design.

  • Alesta® E Alesta E

    A powder coating with very good anti-corrosion properties coupled with good flexibility and mechanical resistance.