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Powder Coatings

The Star Collection

The Star Collection

  • reflects the glamour of special effects and textures for the architectural and decorative sectors
  • represents a range of sophisticated bonded metallic greys as well as designer colours with varied textures and mineral finishes for both outdoor and indoor applications
  • is divided into "Modern", "Vintage" and "Timeless" selections
  • is particularly well suited to either outdoor architectural or indoor decorative applications due to the excellent performance and weathering resistance of the Alesta® AP architectural polyester quality
  • features products that are well established in the market and combine superlative aesthetics with outstanding performance
  • has all products available from stock
  • is GSB and Qualicoat approved

The Star Collection BIM files available for download

Type Title Date Filesize
  ZIP Star Collection, rvt file 21-Feb-2018 1.72 MB
  ZIP Star Collection, ifc file 21-Feb-2018 30.82 KB
  ZIP Star Collection, aat file 21-Feb-2018 13.29 KB