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Powder Coatings

The Inside Collection

Dedicated colour collection for interior applications

The Inside Collection, now with a new and improved selection of colours reflecting the demands of interior design, divided into 4 themes.

Colour awakens EMOTION in our inner self and is part of a perfect habitat, reflecting present-day design.

Whites, greys, and natural tones have dominated interior design, but now colour is again on a rise. It has found its way into furniture, fabrics, walls and floors, even in bathrooms. Energy and power, nevertheless with a certain intimacy, that’s how we describe best the colour in the “Emotion” range. Add a touch of yellow, red or rose to an interior to emphasize your personality.

The essential colours, both calm and soft can be found in SILENCE.

Minimalistic and contemporary tints, inspired by distinctive Nordic interiors and in response to the need of basic essentials. Ambient colours to shroud your house with peace and tranquility.

The EVOLUTION of sleek, luminous metallics with a shimmering richness.

Add luxury to elements throughout your home with this selection of timeless metallics. Together with a play of light they make an visual sensation out of your interior.

COMFORT, the simplicity of life and in harmony with nature.

This theme colours reflecting everything what attracts us in nature, the balance between us and our environment.