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Powder Coatings

The Fine Textured Collection

Outstanding looks and functional performance

In a world that becomes more digital every day, society craves
for tactility. The touch and feel of a material together with a
unique colour defines its impact on our emotions. And emotion
goes hand in hand with creativity, it can be the muse each
designer or architect is looking for.

This range with fine textured finishes

  • fulfills all architectural requirements
  • provides premium levels of aesthetics and functional performance
  • hides imperfections
  • improves the scratch resistance of the finish
  • is GSB and Qualicoat approved

The Fine Textured Collection BIM files available for download

Type Title Date Filesize
    ZIP en_powder_coating_axalta_the_fine_textured_collection_rvt.zip 13-Jun-2017 2.50 MB
    ZIP en_powder_coating_axalta_the_fine_textured_collection_ifc.zip 13-Jun-2017 80.36 KB
    ZIP en_powder_coating_axalta_fine_textured_collection_archicad_aat.zip 13-Jun-2017 25.43 KB