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Powder Coatings

The Black & White Collection

The Black & White Collection represents a remarkable selection of white and black colours. Whether you are looking for internal or external decorative coatings, this collection offers different performance benefits and surface finishes. Ranging from
epoxy polyester powder coatings for indoor use to TGIC-free polyester powders for outdoor use, they are available in a wide range of gloss, semi-gloss, matt, extramatt, fine textured, leatherette, hammer or metallic finishes.

The Black & White Collection includes:

Alesta EP – an epoxy polyester powder coating intended exclusively for interior use that combines excellent decorative appearance with good mechanical properties.

Alesta IP – an industrial polyester powder coating with a wide application window and good mechanical properties, ensuring both interior and exterior industrial applications look good for longer.

Alesta AP – an architectural polyester powder coating suitable for both interior and exterior applications, designed to fulfil all the requirements of GSB and Qualicoat for architectural applications. This coating offers superior UV resistance, good mechanical properties and quite simply looks good.