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Powder Coatings

Axalta Powder Coatings

Axalta Powder Coatings offer unique technology with multiple benefits for many coating applications. Axalta products are recognised for their high performance, providing outstanding durability and corrosion resistance. Superior edge coverage and high build are achieved in a single coat. Powder coatings are a solvent free, environmentally responsible coating technology which are easy to apply, and oversprayed product can be readily recycled.

Axalta Powder Coatings deliver superior coverage and transfer efficiency, but the higher yields obtained are just the beginning of the support provided by the Axalta technical specialists. Our team is dedicated to improving productivity and reducing costs, helping our customers to deliver superior products. Our leading brands like Alesta, Teodur, Abcite and Flamulit meet the performance standards set by leading manufacturers and industry organisations. The combination of product performance, cost benefits, environmental responsibility, and ease of use make Axalta Powder Coatings the bright choice for the finishing industry.

Axalta also offers ultra-fine thermoplastic powders as specialty additives for diverse applications. Our product portfolio utilises  multiple polymer chemistries , enabling a wide range of benefits  in plastics processing, automotive, aerospace, batteries, cosmetics, paints, home and garden, oil & gas and safety equipment applications.

Alesta and Teodur

Axalta Coating Systems has the most extensive portfolio of powder technologies in the industry. Thermosetting powder coatings like Alesta® and Teodur® are an efficient, environmentally-responsible method of finishing. A comprehensive range of high-quality thermosetting powder coatings are formulated and manufactured all over Europe for the decorative and functional coatings industries. Read more


Abcite thermoplastic coatings provide outstanding and highly durable corrosion protection in one layer without primer.

Abcite is available for application by dipping in a fluidised bed, hot flocking or electrostatic spraying. A wide range of colours is available. Read more


Flamulit thermoplastic powders have been specifically developed for enhanced surface protection in corrosive environments and other demanding applications.

Flamulit is primarily designed for application by dipping in a fluidised bed. Some grades are also available for hot flocking application. Read more