Quality is essential to everything we do. Our liquid and powder coating manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified for quality management. Facilities supplying coatings to light vehicle OEMs also have ISO/TS 16949 certification established by the International Automotive Task Force. Adherence to common industry standards is only the first step in our commitment to quality. Our operations follow additional quality production systems that set quality goals and apply quality disciplines that, in many cases, exceed those set by voluntary standards organisations. 

Before materials enter our manufacturing plants, we ensure that they meet rigorous standards. Axalta’s Conflict Minerals Policy requires suppliers to purchase conflict free minerals. We track product manufacturing at every stage from input to distribution. Our employees monitor quality in an end-to-end process, and employee performance with respect to quality is a key criterion for individual assessment and recognition awards. Our customer representatives regularly solicit customer feedback on product quality to provide a continuous feedback loop – all part of Axalta’s commitment to provide the best possible customer experience. 

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