Voltatex 1175

This varnish is suitable for bonding of punched laminations into core stacks. As the active side is bonded by temperature and pressure, it can be used as an alternative method of fixing the metal core of electrical machines.

Product Criteria

- self-bonding

- motors
- transformers

- colorless

Main properties:
- high-speed punchability
- corrosion resistance
- bonding ability
- free formaldehyde content < 0.1%

Product Features
Chemical base Epoxy (solvent)
Thermal class acc. DIN EN 60085
Flow time acc. DIN 53211 @ 20°C
210 - 260 sec
Solid content acc. DIN EN ISO 3251 @ 110°C / 2h / 1g
44 - 48 %
pH value [DIN ISO 976] @ 20°C
Storage stability  @ +5°C - +30°C 12 months

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