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Syrox is the user-focused refinish paint system for just about any body shop, of any size, that wants a traditional, easy and economical way of working in all types of body shop conditions. At its heart, Syrox is all about the user.

Everything about Syrox – from the functional, specially-designed bottles, to the comprehensive, easy-to-access library of videos – focuses on making the task of refinishing simpler. Application techniques are familiar so refinish technicians will be able to get to work quickly with no fuss, no drama, just great results.

A substantial online global color formula database gives users access to more than 70,000 color formulas in order to provide outstanding color competency. The specially designed product packaging turns the mixing room on its head. The easy-to-handle, comfortable-to-hold bottles come in a variety of smaller sizes and have a level indicator window to easily see when it’s time to re-order.  This feature also helps to reduce waste. Before use it’s only necessary to shake the bottles and application can begin. 

With Syrox, there are no compromises; not on color and not on quality.

Syrox is being introduced in selected VOC-compliant markets in Europe, as well as in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia, throughout 2016.