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Axalta Completes Building of Bhooriya Baas Pond in India

First pond with storage of 3 Million Liters and harvesting capacity of 10 Million Liters, will benefit 600+ lives in the drought-ridden village

Alwar, Rajasthan - Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, in partnership with SM Sehgal Foundation (Sehgal Foundation), a registered charitable trust in India, has announced the completion of a three-million-liter capacity pond in the drought-ridden Bhooriya Baas village in the Alwar district of India to collect and store rainwater. The Bhooriya Baas pond is the first of the three ponds that will be built over three years by Axalta through the Sehgal foundation.

The Bhooriya Baas pond is built with a catchment area over 0.6 square km in the Bhooriya Baas village. The pond also has 10 Million Liters of harvesting capacity to support local farming, animal husbandry, and eco-services. The region has an average annual rainfall of 620mm mostly from July to September. The completed pond will be maintained and managed by the local village community with full support of Sehgal foundation.

This pond development will engage the local community on water and soil conservation as well. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main source of livelihood of the villagers and rainwater is the key water source. The development on subsequent ponds and planting trees will enrich the lives of the villagers.

Speaking on the occasion, Lokender Pal Singh, Business Director, Refinish, South Asia, Axalta said, “Axalta is committed towards building a sustainable future in India, not only for its customers but also for the society and the local communities. Together with Sehgal foundation, we recognized the long term need to address water problems in Bhooriya Baas and in the surrounding district. Our joint effort aims to support the drought-prone areas of Rajasthan to get adequate supply of water through rainwater harvesting so that they can continue with their daily life, unhampered.”

Mr. Lalit Mohan Sharma from Sehgal Foundation said, "Sehgal Foundation with support of Axalta has worked to address the water storage requirement of this village by constructing a pond to store rain water and also did nutritional plantation to support the eco-system here. This construction of pond will increase the ground water level for their usage and we are confident that in coming times, these small steps will lead to a big relief for human and animal life in Booriyawaas."

The project also carried out a tree-plantation drive to prevent soil erosion, provide shade and fodder to animals, and revive the area which has a bio-diversity of about 12,000 wild species of flora and home to wild animals. The villagers along with the Sehgal Foundation planted 500+ shady plants on the Pond (Johad). As the village is situated on a hilly terrain, the ground had to be excavated to plant the trees. Every family was given the responsibility to plant and take care of the plantation. The villagers successfully planted shady and fruit trees as well. Some of the fruit plants like guava, orange, lemon, and sweet lime were given to the villagers so that they could grow plants at home. Furthermore, more than 250 plants were distributed to around 140 + villagers.

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About S.M. Sehgal Foundation

S.M.Sehgal Foundation is a public, charitable trust registered in India in 1999. The Foundation aims to strengthen community-led development initiatives to achieve positive social, economic, and environmental change across rural India. With the objective of empowering Rural India, our team has been organising and conducting several programmes in the field of Water Management, Agriculture development and Good governance across 700 villages in India. We believe that by educating citizens about their rights and spreading awareness, we can empower every person across rural India to lead a secure, prosperous and dignified life. Our Programs also enable sustainability, achieving an equal balance between the environment and livelihood. For further details, please visit: