Ready to Rally

Axalta and Japanese Student Team Race to the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 2018

The joint student team of University of Tokyo and Honda Technical College is ready for the legendary  Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 2018, thanks in part to Axalta’s coatings. Beginning January 31, the rallye invites car models from 1955 to 1980 that have participated at the Rallye du Monte-Carlo to join the competition. In preparation for the historic Monte-Carlo race, the team has fully restored and finetuned a Subaru 1300G rally car.

To help the Subaru 1300G look fresh when it returned to the rallye for a second spin, the team turned to Axalta for a variety of original Subaru colors sold between 1950 and 1960. Amazingly, Axalta had retained a collection of Subaru’s OEM sample panels for colors from that period: Cotton White, Cathle White, and Plaza White. The team chose Cathle White, and it has been beautifully reproduced from Axalta’s StandoBlue®, the latest technology in waterborne base coats.

“Former colors were precisely reproduced using Axalta’s latest color formulas and color tools,” confirmed Yuji Miyamoto, Account Manager at Axalta Japan who oversees the project.

Axalta’s experts conducted spray application training for the student team at Axalta’s Refinish Training Center in Utsunomiya, Japan in August. The students learned how to master the correct application of waterborne paint and successfully completed the paintwork at the end of September and exhibited the Subaru 1300G at Honda Technical College’s Festival. In October, the car participated in a local rally competition in Japan as a test before the Monte-Carlo competition. The Subaru 1300G has been shipped and now awaits the competition in Europe.

The Monte-Carlo rally project acts as an important part of the educational program for students in the University of Tokyo and Honda Technical College.  Axalta’s collaboration with the universities provides the opportunity to extend its technological expertise while demonstrating how technical training connects to maximized product performance. In addition, the partnership reflects the company’s values of nurturing STEM education and STEM-related career paths. 

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