New Names. Proven Technology. Brilliant Performance.

Axalta’s Light Vehicle business has experienced many successes over the years. From 65 years of Axalta’s Color Popularity Reports, to the industry’s only Automotive Color of the Year, and millions of vehicles around the world that are coated by Axalta, we have a proud history.

And yet all those milestones were accomplished without one important piece: product names.

Aside from the successful AcquaEC line of electrocoat products, we have been referring to our layers as just that – layers:  primer, pre-coat, color coat and clearcoat.

Until now.

Axalta’s Light Vehicle and APC segments will now feature the following names for our world-class coating line-up:

  • HyperDur™ primers offer optimized film smoothness and excellent adhesion properties
  • HyperDyne™ pre-coats provide the foundation for great appearance and durability for wet-on-wet layering
  • ChromaDyne™ color coats provide unparalleled durability, color, and beauty
  • Lumeera™ clearcoats offer the ultimate in finish protection, gloss, and appearance.

These names are our response to a common customer request. When we introduce a new product, one of the first questions has been "what do we call it?’ "

As we continue to build the Axalta brand, we understand the importance of capturing the value our durable paint layers provide as they perform consistently under the toughest road and weather conditions.