Meet Your Match

Thanks to Axalta’s new apps, customers will have no trouble finding the right match, right away.

Axalta’s new General Industrial Product System Selector app allows North American general industrial customers to efficiently specify their project criteria by searching for products based on industry segment, item to be painted, the environment, substrate, surface condition, and even volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. With thousands of possible product combinations available, the app quickly provides product recommendations that meet project specifications.

Similarly, Axalta’s newly released digital color app for the Chinese market grants easy access to its extensive formula database which contains more than four million colors. The app is designed to boost productivity and cut waste for collision repair body shops and automotive OEM customers. Its capabilities include offline color formula retrieval, formula comparisons, and built-in Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets information. Formulas may be shared via WeChat, WhatsApp, text message, or email.

In addition, Axalta’s award-winning North American industrial color matching mobile app has been updated to now include liquid colors. The innovative color matching tool allows customers to photograph any surface and easily identify the best Axalta match. Customers can connect to hundreds of vibrant liquid and powder coating colors. Learn more