International Structures


Our coatings have a long history of protecting some of the most notable structures around the world. From the tallest towers, to the narrowest canals, our specialized coatings offer a level of innovation, sustainability, and beauty that stands the test of time. Our exceptional products support the following projects.

Axalta Powder Coated, Europe

Axalta Powder Coated 

View buildings and structures from various locations in Europe Designed by Jasper-Eyers and Partners. 


La Marseillaise, France

Alesta AP Specified for Prestigious French Project La Marseillaise

Axalta has been chosen to provide Alesta®AP Architectural Polyester powder coatings for one of the largest urban planning projects in Europe – La Marseillaise – which is scheduled for completion mid-2018. 

The superstructure in Marseille, France, will be 135 meters high, have 31 floors with 35,000m2 of office space, and the capacity to house 2,500 people. When complete, La Marseillaise will contain an estimated total of 18,800m3 of concrete and 16,000m2 of coated façades, including aluminum profiles and 3,800 sun shields made of ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPC). The color of the external façades will vary depending on the height of the storey - from red ochre to white clouds - that will aim to increase the brightness of the structure. The project is the brain-child of real estate developer Constructa and architectural firm Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

Effelsberg Telescope, Germany

Axalta Has the World’s Second Largest Radio Telescope Covered 

Axalta has once again produced a special coating for the radio telescope in Effelsberg, Germany, one of the largest, fully-steerable radio telescopes in the world, and the most powerful for short-wave radiation. The Effelsberg telescope is used to observe pulsars, cold gas and dust clusters, star formations, jets of matter emitted by black holes, and the nuclei of far-off galaxies. It is also used as part of a worldwide network of radio telescopes for astronomic observations at the highest resolutions. 

Axalta helps to protect the telescope from weathering and UV radiation with a matte-white polyvinylic coating called PercoTop® CS551 Foliflex Topcoat. This specially-formulated, tailor-made coating has been applied to the telescope approximately every 18 years since it began operating in 1972

The Exchange 106 Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Axalta Powder Coatings Chosen to Protect Tallest Tower in Malaysia

Axalta Coating Systems in collaboration with Euro Façade, Superb Aluminium and Mulia Group, will supply its Alesta®powder coatings for The Exchange 106 tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With completion scheduled for 2018, the impressive skyscraper will be the tallest building in Malaysia, transforming the city’s International Financial District.

The Exchange 106 is the latest flagship project of Mulia Group, Indonesia’s leading commercial property developer, which is renowned for its cutting-edge design, efficient space planning, and operational excellence. Designed to be the most luxurious office skyscraper in the world, the iconic tower will exemplify the most innovative construction strategies.

Panama Canal, Panama

Axalta Chosen for Restoration of the Panama Canal

Axalta Coating Systems won a four-year contract to supply industrial coatings and architectural building paint used to restore and sustain different buildings and the locks of the Panama Canal.

”The Panama Canal is one of the most important engineering works in history, an iconic engineering achievement,” explained Alfredo Villalobos, Latin America Industrial Coatings Director. “The canal will now be restored with some of the most advanced industrial coating products in the world, applications that will extend the productive lifespan of the Canal Zone as a key asset in international trade.”

Several different Axalta coating products, each formulated to meet the needs of different materials, will be used to reinvigorate the largest canal in the world and meet the needs of the many different structures in the Canal Zone that will be repainted during the restoration project. Axalta’s Renzel™ and Galvox™ architectural paints will be used to bring life to interior and exterior building walls and trim. Floors will be protected with Axalta’s Corlar® and Imron® Industrial coating products. Interior and exterior galvanized and other metal surfaces, including the actual canal locks themselves, will be coated with Ganicin®, Speedtec™ and Galvox™, which are especially designed to reduce application time by their ability to be directly applied to metal and for use on long-lasting, heavy-duty substrates, such as marine surfaces constantly exposed to water.

“These products, applied to surfaces constantly exposed to water, abrasion and strong Panamanian winds, will ensure superior, long lasting protection against corrosion and material wear on the structures,” said Axalta’s Ruben Gallardo, Axalta’s Central America General Manager.

The Panama Canal, which has moved over a million ships throughout its history and is crossed by over 14,000 vessels per year from the mighty locks of the Miraflores to the historic gates of the Gatun, will now be protected by the best in coating engineering from Axalta Coating Systems.

Ashgabat International Airport, Turkmenistan

Axalta Protects Façade of Turkmenistan’s New Airport

Axalta 's Alesta® SD or Super Durable line of powder coatings was used for the façade of Central Asia’s largest airport, the new Ashgabat International Airport. Alesta SD has been specifically developed to provide better color and gloss stability, making it ideal for commercial building projects such as this, in addition to high-end residential projects. Ashgabat International Airport, one of Turkmenistan’s most prestigious infrastructure projects, required a façade coating that would be extremely resistant to weather degradation and that would provide lasting gloss and color retention.

Manhattan Loft Gardens, England

Axalta Coats London Skyline with its Alesta Anodic Collection

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM), one of the largest and most influential architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world, has specified Axalta Coating Systems for its Manhattan Loft Gardens project. The unique structure coated in Axalta Alesta® products will be a prominent addition to the famous London skyline, offering a new take on London garden squares by creating an environment suited to neighborhood life and the development of urban biodiversity.


Embracing Peace Sculptures, Global

Axalta Coating Systems Paints World Famous “Embracing Peace” Sculptures

Axalta was selected to coat multiple “Embracing Peace” sculptures from primer to finished product. The sculptures were created by American artist Seward Johnson and are now owned by The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc., a New Jersey-based nonprofit foundation which promotes the appreciation of, and education about, sculpture and public art through the creation, maintenance, sale and public placement of Seward Johnson’s sculptures.

Axalta products were chosen exclusively to coat the renowned “Embracing Peace” sculptures that feature the iconic kiss between a U.S. sailor and nurse in Times Square. The structures are painted with Axalta’s Corlar® 824S™, a two-component epoxy primer that delivers excellent durability and good corrosion protection, and Cromax® Pro, a low VOC waterborne basecoat. For the topcoat, Axalta’s high-performance Imron® Industrial MS600™ high solid, low gloss clearcoat was selected for its high durability and long-term protection capability.