A Strong Defense: Axalta’s Coatings Protect the Surface of Rheinmetall’s Boxer CRV

Earlier this month, Axalta’s head office in Sydney, Australia hosted Rheinmetall Defence Australia to learn more about the company’s plans to establish a national military vehicle industry in Australia. Rheinmetall is one of the world’s leading suppliers of defence technology, including wheeled and tracked military vehicles. Local customers and suppliers also attended the event which included a hands-on demonstration of Rheinmetall’s enormous Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (Boxer CRV).

“The BOXER CRV allowed our customers to see the full depth and breadth of our coatings capability, while having the opportunity to go inside the vehicle,” said Michael Busch, Axalta Military and Commercial Vehicle Manager. “This event enabled our customers to network with local suppliers and connect with Rheinmetall to learn more about opportunities within Australia’s military industry.”

Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Gary Stewart congratulated Axalta on its successful partnership with Rheinmetall, in Australia and abroad, and the quality of its coating services for each of the 2,500 logistics Rheinmetall MAN trucks and 3,000 modules currently being delivered to the Australian Army.

“Axalta is an excellent example of a highly innovative company making significant advances in the delivery of a critical product to the defence sector,” said Stewart.