More than paint. Partnership.

Axalta Coating Systems puts every aspect of your business at a higher level. We know you pride yourself on a job well done – and we pride ourselves in helping you do just that.

Partnering with Axalta is more than just paint. It’s treating your craft with the quality and respect it deserves.

Take advantage of a partnership with Axalta today.


It starts with a great product.

You pride yourself on a job well done, and our product systems and color-matching tools
are designed to help you do what you do best: produce great work. Your business and your
customers deserve the very best – so trust Axalta.

Driving success.

A single point of contact, a dedicated support team and comprehensive training will help you
leverage all that Axalta has to offer. With our systems, you can take your craft to an even higher level.

No disruptions. No worries.

We understand a successful conversion means no disruption to your business or sacrificing customer
satisfaction. With our expertise, resources and four-step conversion process,
we have a proven track record of upgrading shops of all sizes.

Here (and everywhere) for you.

Partnering with Axalta also means partnering with our strong national and
regional distributors. These partners bring a unique combination of local expertise to support
your shop and the national presence to bring you consistency and peace of mind.

Brilliant Values