The Modern Slavery Act Disclosure Statement

October 2015

The Modern Slavery Act of 2015

The Modern Slavery Act requires a commercial organisation over a certain size to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement each financial year. The statement should disclose the steps the organisation has taken to ensure there is no slavery or trafficking in its supply chains or its own business.

Axalta Coating Systems UK Limited and Axalta Powder Coating Systems UK Limited (together “Axalta UK”) are committed to responsible sourcing and specifically the eradication of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain. Axalta UK subscribes to the California Transparency In Supply Chains Act 2010 statement of its parent, Axalta Coating Systems LLC ("Axalta"). This financial year, we have taken the following steps to combat modern slavery.

Supplier contracts

Axalta's standard Supplier contract, currently in place with a number of its Suppliers, requires the Supplier to comply with appropriate standards relating to the use of labor.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Axalta's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics requires all Axalta employees and third parties working with Axalta, including Suppliers, to comply with all labor laws in the jurisdictions where it operates. Violation of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics may result in termination of a Supplier or employee.


Axalta may rely on the audit rights in its Supplier contracts, where applicable, to permit Axalta to engage in its own verification process of its Suppliers’ representations. Axalta’s standard Supplier contract expressly reserves the right to conduct on-site audits of its Suppliers to evaluate the Supplier's compliance with labor laws. Axalta anticipates that it may conduct such audits through its own personnel or through a third party independent auditor, on an announced or unannounced basis.


Axalta is in the process of developing training for its employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, particularly with respect to mitigation risks within the supply chain.

As we expand our business activities and work with Suppliers domestically and globally to meet customers' needs, Axalta remains committed to human rights and safety in our supply chain.