Our global commitment begins with a pledge to minimize our environmental footprint across the entire spectrum of our business activities from product development and manufacturing to distribution and waste disposal. Adherence to environmental legislation and regulatory requirements is only a starting point. Each of our majority owned manufacturing facilities around the world is ISO 14001and RC 14001 certified. As good as we think our systems are, we know that continuous improvement is integral to sustainability, and we challenge ourselves every day to find better ways of managing our operations.

Helping Customers Reduce Their Impact on the Environment

Beyond our factory door, we seek to provide customers with increasingly sustainable products and processes. New formulations of traditional solvent coatings, such as medium and high solids, and water-based coatings are formulated to reduce VOC emissions as well as the number of coating applications required in the manufacture of cars and commercial vehicles. Fewer steps and a more natural drying processes provided by our Harmonized Coating Technologies™ reduce energy consuming “bake steps” required between coating applications when painting and finishing a new vehicle.

In refinish shops, low-VOC and water-based coatings are designed to help body shops reduce their environmental footprint from operations while producing superb results. Axalta’s software and color tools such as handheld spectrophotometers help find the right refinish color formulation the first time, reducing waste and improving productivity. Insulated with Axalta’s Voltatex® coatings, components of electrical motors, transformers and generators can operate at higher temperatures, which translates into greater efficiency and energy savings. Axalta’s Nap-Gard® functional powder coatings resist high temperatures and enable the oil and gas industry to drill deeper and thus fewer wells.

For more information on our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, please refer to our 2014-2015 Sustainability Report.