Talent Development at Axalta

Creating a new culture for Axalta and its employees is ongoing. We start by keeping customers at the center of everything we do. Equally important is the need to provide opportunities for our employees to learn, develop, and grow in their careers.

Measuring individual performance

An important part of learning is a thorough and candid performance review. In 2015, Axalta introduced a new Built for Performance Process (BPP) that ensures each employee’s goals are aligned to their role and manager’s expectations. Two-thirds of the eligible workforce of nearly 7,500 employees globally have been introduced to the new program. The BPP process includes a mid-year “check in” review and a final performance review based on goals and behaviors. At Axalta, we focus on how employees do their jobs — the behaviors they exhibit — as well as on the results they have achieved. The review process includes ratings against goals and behaviors, an explanation of the ratings, a manager summary of the employee’s overall performance, and second-level manager approval. Employee performance and compensation are linked to this review, as we believe firmly in a pay-for-performance approach.

Axalta is fortunate to employ some of the best talent in our industry. Our norms, culture, performance measurements, and pay philosophy all add up to ensure that we continue to retain talented people.

Talent growth and development

In 2015, Axalta introduced a formal Leadership Development Program (LDP). The program brought together our brightest and highest performing senior and middle managers in cohorts that were mixed by region and function to provide a diverse and international learning experience for the group. The program’s aim is to provide leadership development by exposing the group to senior executives and current business strategies as well as formal leadership and executive communication training. Presentations from both Axalta senior management and external experts provided insights into how they could evolve as leaders and their long-term potential to contribute to Axalta’s success. The program was extremely successful and two sessions are planned for 2016.

Development programs targeting different employee constituencies have been inaugurated in other regions. In Europe, a group of early career employees were asked to join the EMEA region’s leadership meeting to exchange ideas and learn from others. In North America, a structured program, AXcelerate, provides a two-year commitment to key leaders to help them grow through formal learning programs and mentorship.