Employee Safety, Health, and Wellness

At Axalta, we build safety into the way we do business and are committed to operating safe and secure workplaces. Our program is structured on the foundation that every employee is engaged in and committed to improving our operating practices. Axalta’s policy for Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHS&S) defines our expectations and our approach as a company.

We have a focused EHS&S management system, aligned with our policy, built on adherence to regulatory compliance and internal standards appropriate for our company. A key component of our EHS&S management system is the continuous improvement of our program, from focused initiatives aimed at reducing injuries to ensuring environmental protection plans at our manufacturing facilities.

One of our key objectives is the continued progress toward reducing employee injuries and illness worldwide. When health and safety instances do occur, we are committed to determining the root cause and eliminating the potential so that future employee incidents can be prevented. In 2015, we realized a 24 percent reduction in our employee injury performance and an 11 percent reduction in contractor injury performance over our 2013 totals. Over the past three years, there were no Axalta employee or contractor fatalities.

Global Injury and Illness Table

Case Studies

Recognizing Achievement in Brazil

In January 2016, Axalta launched a Corporate Safety Award aimed at acknowledging exceptional performance at operating facilities for environment, health, and safety by using a comprehensive base of recognition criteria. The recognition criteria includes typical safety metrics such as injury and incident performance, as well as metrics related to risk management and operational disciplines.

Based on 2015 metrics, the inaugural winner of Axalta’s Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Action was our Guarulhos site located outside São Paolo, Brazil. The facility is one of the largest operations centers in the Axalta network with more than 2.3 million hours worked over the course of the year. In 2015, the site achieved zero recordable injuries for both employees and contractors, zero significant incidents, and zero regulatory violations, while making significant progress toward meeting its waste reduction target.

Photo caption: Members of the Operations organization in Guarulhos receiving the Axalta Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Action.