About Axalta

Ethics & Integrity

Axalta is committed to doing business with integrity, recognizing that ethical behavior is essential to our license to operate. Axalta’s compliance program has been designed to address the risks our company faces globally and is anchored by Axalta’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which reflects the ways in which we expect our Board of Directors and employees to behave.

We introduced the company-wide Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in 2014, endorsed by our Board of Directors. The Code is bolstered by a full suite of compliance-related policies and procedures, including those addressing anti-corruption, antitrust, gifts and business entertainment, global trade, and insider trading. Policies and practices are reviewed regularly.

Axalta's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Provisions of the Code pertaining to labor practices, including prohibitions on the use of forced or involuntary labor, human trafficking, or child labor, also apply to suppliers and any third party working with Axalta. In 2016, Axalta introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct that enumerates these and other practices we expect of our suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct reflects the expectation of our customers and society at large that Axalta be a good corporate citizen and that we hold our suppliers to the same standard of conduct.

Axalta employees are encouraged to report any suspected or known violations of the Code using appropriate channels, such as through our legal department, regional or local compliance officers, or our ethics hotline. Axalta is committed to fostering an open reporting environment and preventing retaliation, retribution, or harassment when an employee makes a good faith report, or cooperates with an investigation of any such report. Our ethics hotline is operational globally and facilitates the reporting of employee questions, concerns, and issues. In addition, we encourage our employees to report concerns to management, human resources, and the legal department. We have an effective system for investigating and resolving concerns raised through these channels.

Axalta communicates our expectations regarding integrity and ethics through a robust training program. Each year, every Axalta employee is trained on our Code. Additional targeted training on relevant compliance topics is conducted as needed. A quarterly compliance newsletter is also distributed to all employees.