About Axalta

Corporate Governance

Over the past three years, our company’s ownership structure has evolved significantly: from a privately held, stand-alone company in February 2013; to a public, controlled company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (AXTA) in November 2014; to a widely held, public company in April 2015; to a fully independent company in August 2016, our journey has been fast-paced and provided great opportunities. We are committed to engaging with a new stakeholder group — shareholders — and invite them to learn about our company and ask questions.

Axalta is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of seven independent directors and our Chairman and CEO. In October 2015, we recruited the first woman to join our Board and expect that diversity will continue to be an important factor in identifying new directors. We have four committees of the Board: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee. Our Board met seven times throughout 2015. We are also guided by the Axalta Leadership Team, which is composed of the head of each corporate function or business unit and who each bring extensive experience in large, global organizations.

For more information, please see the Corporate Governance section of our corporate website, our 2015 Annual Report, and our 2016 Proxy Statement.