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General Industrial

Safety Data Sheets

English Safety Data Sheets

Type SDS File Name Date Added Filesize
PDF GI_1HTA25P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.22 KB
PDF GI_2MB25P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 113.62 KB
PDF GI_1LB26P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.01 KB
PDF GI_2MB34P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.62 KB
PDF GI_1LB34P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.02 KB
PDF GI_1LB25P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.28 KB
PDF GI_4NB25P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 113.56 KB
PDF GI_2MB26P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.19 KB
PDF GI_3DB25P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 113.03 KB
PDF GI_3DB26P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.10 KB
PDF GI_4NB34P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.75 KB
PDF GI_9M01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 195.16 KB
PDF GI_3DB34P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.00 KB
PDF GI_9M02_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 194.75 KB
PDF GI_4NB26P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.70 KB
PDF GI_9P01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 201.29 KB
PDF GI_9C01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.94 KB
PDF GI_9M05_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 194.63 KB
PDF GI_9P03_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.09 KB
PDF GI_9P02_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 201.36 KB
PDF GI_9T01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.79 KB
PDF GI_9T00-A_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 203.04 KB
PDF GI_9T05_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 203.02 KB
PDF GI_9T06_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.85 KB
PDF GI_9T04_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 201.50 KB
PDF GI_9T02_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.95 KB
PDF GI_9T03_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.66 KB
PDF GI_9T08_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.83 KB
PDF GI_9T07_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.45 KB
PDF GI_9T09_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 201.53 KB
PDF GI_9T11_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.83 KB
PDF GI_9T10_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 201.53 KB
PDF GI_9T13_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.85 KB
PDF GI_9T15_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.97 KB
PDF GI_9T16_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.95 KB
PDF GI_9T12_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 204.40 KB
PDF GI_9T18_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.77 KB
PDF GI_9T17_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 201.62 KB
PDF GI_9T14_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.77 KB
PDF GI_9T20_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 199.05 KB
PDF GI_33-33736_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.37 KB
PDF GI_33-24861_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.49 KB
PDF GI_33-33737_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.38 KB
PDF GI_33-24926_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 208.58 KB
PDF GI_33-AG009_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 205.42 KB
PDF GI_62-705_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.12 KB
PDF GI_33-87513_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.55 KB
PDF GI_62-1072_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.07 KB
PDF GI_62-ZR-101_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.53 KB
PDF GI_62-ZRP_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 93.39 KB
PDF GI_62-1640_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 210.88 KB
PDF GI_63P1500_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.84 KB
PDF GI_67-939_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.23 KB
PDF GI_67-940_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.21 KB
PDF GI_62-1632_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.06 KB
PDF GI_133-23663_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.88 KB
PDF GI_133-67632_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.20 KB
PDF GI_62-1060_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.12 KB
PDF GI_133-23664_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.63 KB
PDF GI_133-67633_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.03 KB
PDF GI_142-D3-101_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 115.09 KB
PDF GI_133-67640_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.18 KB
PDF GI_133-AG009_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 205.94 KB
PDF GI_163-67632_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 203.63 KB
PDF GI_162-1632_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 208.56 KB
PDF GI_162-1072_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 208.61 KB
PDF GI_163-67640_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.37 KB
PDF GI_164-67640_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.21 KB
PDF GI_162-1060_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 208.60 KB
PDF GI_178-101_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.72 KB
PDF GI_347YB1500_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 88.31 KB
PDF GI_250-34611_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.76 KB
PDF GI_347YB1501_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 88.29 KB
PDF GI_164-N2832_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.13 KB
PDF GI_262-400_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 112.18 KB
PDF GI_525-880_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.18 KB
PDF GI_347YB1502_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 88.23 KB
PDF GI_525-885_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 103.85 KB
PDF GI_525-886_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.17 KB
PDF GI_525-33009_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.06 KB
PDF GI_525-971_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 103.87 KB
PDF GI_982_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 93.97 KB
PDF GI_681-709_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.34 KB
PDF GI_525-882_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.29 KB
PDF GI_611P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 209.37 KB
PDF GI_1826-50158_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.75 KB
PDF GI_1640WF_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 196.90 KB
PDF GI_525-ZR-101_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.51 KB
PDF GI_983_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 93.85 KB
PDF GI_1827-29275_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.93 KB
PDF GI_1827-33927_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.39 KB
PDF GI_1827-32923_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.67 KB
PDF GI_1827-50553_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.65 KB
PDF GI_1827-50162_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.10 KB
PDF GI_1827-35222_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.41 KB
PDF GI_1827-893163_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.40 KB
PDF GI_1827-26750_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 210.87 KB
PDF GI_2525-100_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 103.68 KB
PDF GI_2525-400_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 103.69 KB
PDF GI_2100P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 205.13 KB
PDF GI_1827-34921_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 118.75 KB
PDF GI_4000P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 97.05 KB
PDF GI_4014P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.78 KB
PDF GI_4009P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 97.06 KB
PDF GI_3500P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 202.02 KB
PDF GI_4045P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.77 KB
PDF GI_4038P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.82 KB
PDF GI_4048P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.80 KB
PDF GI_4034P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 100.59 KB
PDF GI_4023P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 96.69 KB
PDF GI_4084P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.38 KB
PDF GI_4075P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.81 KB
PDF GI_4091P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.88 KB
PDF GI_7003P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 186.94 KB
PDF GI_4066P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.08 KB
PDF GI_7115P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 180.52 KB
PDF GI_7345P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 196.45 KB
PDF GI_7401P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 180.71 KB
PDF GI_7451P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 180.70 KB
PDF GI_7292P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 188.67 KB
PDF GI_7466P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 180.73 KB
PDF GI_7673P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 186.55 KB
PDF GI_7619P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 180.74 KB
PDF GI_7610P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 186.16 KB
PDF GI_68083_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 102.28 KB
PDF GI_7625P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 188.68 KB
PDF GI_CS8407_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.43 KB
PDF GI_7703P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 186.16 KB
PDF GI_CS9410_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.82 KB
PDF GI_CS9420_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.29 KB
PDF GI_CS9430_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 107.46 KB
PDF GI_D-101_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 95.89 KB
PDF GI_CS9440_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.58 KB
PDF GI_D-102_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 102.37 KB
PDF GI_D-105_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.99 KB
PDF GI_D-106_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 103.49 KB
PDF GI_D-109_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.22 KB
PDF GI_D-110_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.13 KB
PDF GI_D-108_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.66 KB
PDF GI_D-111_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.53 KB
PDF GI_D-104_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 102.38 KB
PDF GI_D-103_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 97.12 KB
PDF GI_D-113_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.15 KB
PDF GI_D-112_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.71 KB
PDF GI_D-114_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.19 KB
PDF GI_D-116_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 116.14 KB
PDF GI_D-119_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.89 KB
PDF GI_D-118_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 96.21 KB
PDF GI_D-121_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.12 KB
PDF GI_D-122_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.67 KB
PDF GI_D-117_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.48 KB
PDF GI_FG-2HTA_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.25 KB
PDF GI_DTM-3100P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 212.31 KB
PDF GI_DTM-2100P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 211.72 KB
PDF GI_FG-034_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.87 KB
PDF GI_FG-040_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.66 KB
PDF GI_FG-090_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 112.42 KB
PDF GI_FG-041_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 114.94 KB
PDF GI_FG-042_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 113.73 KB
PDF GI_FG-062_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 204.15 KB
PDF GI_FG-2525_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.03 KB
PDF GI_FG-178_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 112.37 KB
PDF GI_FG-0162_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 204.35 KB
PDF GI_FG-39042_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 100.41 KB
PDF GI_FG-33272_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.50 KB
PDF GI_FTC-01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 192.38 KB
PDF GI_FG-39007_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.81 KB
PDF GI_HGC-1333_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 205.44 KB
PDF GI_LF-63234P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.02 KB
PDF GI_LF-63226P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.96 KB
PDF GI_LF-63290P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 116.06 KB
PDF GI_LF-63325P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 113.61 KB
PDF GI_LF-63225P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.65 KB
PDF GI_HGC-01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 192.31 KB
PDF GI_LF-63726P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.98 KB
PDF GI_LF-64025P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.01 KB
PDF GI_LF-64034P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.75 KB
PDF GI_LF-63326P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.19 KB
PDF GI_LF-66234P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.26 KB
PDF GI_LF-64026P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 116.58 KB
PDF GI_LF-63725P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 100.65 KB
PDF GI_LF-71125P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.04 KB
PDF GI_PB7025_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 103.33 KB
PDF GI_LF-63525P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 105.26 KB
PDF GI_PB7430_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 109.23 KB
PDF GI_LF-306934P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.76 KB
PDF GI_PB7045_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.30 KB
PDF GI_PB7047_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.16 KB
PDF GI_PB7775_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 110.00 KB
PDF GI_PB7435_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 104.47 KB
PDF GI_RT001P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.35 KB
PDF GI_PB7700_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 111.26 KB
PDF GI_RT002P_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 98.91 KB
PDF GI_PBT57_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 95.92 KB
PDF GI_PBT09_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 108.63 KB
PDF GI_T-1021_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 94.65 KB
PDF GI_T-1055_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 102.55 KB
PDF GI_T-1025_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 93.37 KB
PDF GI_T-8805_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 99.99 KB
PDF GI_VF-026_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 115.15 KB
PDF GI_TY3810_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 99.94 KB
PDF GI_T-8054_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 107.82 KB
PDF GI_VF-525_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 115.39 KB
PDF GI_T-1022_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 194.52 KB
PDF GI_VG-805_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 198.97 KB
PDF GI_VG-026_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 114.50 KB
PDF GI_WG-02_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 192.33 KB
PDF GI_Y32035_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 101.33 KB
PDF GI_WF-02_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 188.76 KB
PDF GI_Y32401_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 93.70 KB
PDF GI_VGY611_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 204.31 KB
PDF GI_WG-01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 192.31 KB
PDF GI_WF-01_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Jan-2019 188.53 KB