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We support a variety of initiatives that respond to the needs of the communities in which we operate.  Our outreach will focus on three broad themes: education, sustainability and community relations. These themes reflect the needs of our communities as well as the fields of expertise within Axalta.


Education is fundamental to the economic growth of the countries in which we do business. A well educated population is also essential for Axalta’s growth and to our ability to find talent across a wide range of disciplines. Given the technologies that drive our R&D and manufacturing platforms, nowhere is this more critical than in the sciences. Our initiatives to support education programs will focus principally on developing interest and skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Sustainability is as integral to society as it is to our business. We will focus our support on organizations and projects that will help educate and empower stakeholders in our communities to understand and respond to environmental challenges. Where appropriate, we will build on our own expertise in adjacent disciplines, looking for opportunities to apply our experience in product innovation, stewardship and environment, health and safety to locally important issues.

Community Relations.

In the communities where we operate, Axalta will seek to maintain engagement with local organizations. Engagement helps us better understand our role in the community and how we can support local projects. Where feasible, our goal will be to share our own expertise in the sciences, in sustainable technology and in ways to protect the environment. For example, today we share our expertise in environment, health and safety procedures with local emergency service organizations. We may support other community based activities when help is needed to promote important projects that affect neighbors where we live and work.

For more information on community programs that Axalta supported in 2013, please refer to our 2013 Sustainability Report.