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Sustainability is central to Axalta’s business. When we refer to sustainability, we mean a wide range of environmental, social and economic consequences that can arise from our operations. Being a good neighbor and an engaged business partner are fundamental to our growth and success.

We manage our facilities in ways that are intended to minimize the impact of our operations across our 35 manufacturing centers with sophisticated environment, health and safety protocols.  Our coatings are designed to serve the sustainability goals of our customers, helping their products last longer, enabling their operations to run more efficiently and providing ways to save energy, reduce waste and be more productive. And we provide these intrinsic benefits with coatings that preserve and protect. Axalta’s low-VOC, waterborne and powder products produce fewer targeted hazardous emissions.

Sustainability Reporting

Our Sustainability Report 2014-2015 catalogues progress and accomplishments related to sustainability. Our latest report provides an overview of performance in operations, product development and technology, human resource management, and our initiatives that support the communities where we operate. The report also includes Axalta’s Global Reporting Initiative Index. The report was prepared in keeping with G4 guidelines and in accordance with the GRI “Core” reporting level. Our most recent report follows the publication of our first report, published in 2014, that reviewed sustainability metrics, also using GRI Core Reporting criteria.

Axalta Publishes Sustainability Report 2014 – 2015







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