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Research & Development

Across the globe, at a dedicated network of research and development centers we look for new products to meet evolving customer needs while continually evaluating ways to improve existing products. Axalta currently has a portfolio of more than 1,800 granted patents and pending patent applications reflecting the technical strength of more than 145 years in the coatings industry. Today, we deploy a dynamic team of more than 1,200 research fellows, scientists and engineers at seven research and development centers on four continents, where we tailor research to develop products that will withstand the rigors of regional climates, fulfill customer needs and comply with local regulations.

In the laboratory, research focuses on polymers and pigments, the building blocks of color coatings. Experts in polymer synthesis search for new resins that will produce coatings that adhere better, resist scratches and UV degradation, have the correct viscosity and protect against corrosion. Color technologists evaluate pigments and dispersion properties to create the most efficient coatings. The goal is to produce both the brilliant visual effects and performance standards our customers demand. Color technologists search for new application tools. In a body shop, a refinish job is perfect only if it is an exact match with the rest of the vehicle. Axalta color scientists are a leading force in digital color rendering techniques that can provide vivid color visualization of a coated vehicle without using a single drop of paint.

Beyond the laboratory, we subject our products to rigorous pre- and post-market evaluation. Our newest pilot reactor at the Coatings Technology Center in Wilmington, Delaware operates  under a wide variety of reaction conditions, providing real time polymerization data and faster product commercialization to meet today’s fast changing market demands.

Our customers reap the benefits of our innovation. Our latest generation high throw power ElectroShield-27 electrocoat process improves productivity and performance in vehicle manufacture. Third generation waterborne products for OEMs and refinish customers provide improved hide with fewer coats and faster turnaround time. New coating application technology provides consistent application of water based coatings in different temperature and humidity environments.


  • More than 1,800 patents held or pending
  • More than 145 years in the coatings industry
  • More than 1,200 research fellows, scientists and engineers
  • 7 research and development centers globally